Lifeblood – Expand


Taken from the EP „The Air In My Lungs“ due for release Friday, October 12.

Produced, Recorded and Mixed – Troy Brady
Mastered -Scott Simpson
Music – Rani Luski and Lifeblood
Lyrics – Dylan Clark

Video by Nick Hargans


Louder and louder and louder the voices grow
louder and louder inside my head
I wish I could mute the noise it’s unbearable
Why does it have to be so damn loud?
Indiscernable sounds
Indiscernable conversations
Why does it have to be so loud?

How am I meant to be
Able to comprehend
When I’m overwhelmed?

The weight of the world is resting on my shoulders
And I cant seem to catch a break
Give me a break
Give me a damn break

Give me a damn break!

It’s beginning to look like, I’ll be here for a long time
Alone in this madness

I’m at the edge of my seat
The future is bleak
I’m starting to wonder how I became so weak
So easily unravelled
At the slightest of things
Another sip down I’ll drown my woes
No happy picture here
Nothing to pose
I guess I’ll stop speaking
I’m sick of this prose

I’m sick of this prose

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