McCafferty – Paper, Pencil, Copyright


McCafferty „Paper, Pencil, Copyright“ from the album Yarn

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Starring: Sabatino Cruz
Parrot: Paris Peterson
Director: Michael Parks Randa + Eric Teti
DP: Eric Teti
Producer: Jake Sharpless
Gaffer: Jack O’Brien
Editor: Michael Parks Randa
Assistant Editor: Andrew Pilkington
Color: Matthew Greenberg | Irving Harvey
Subway Kid: Brando Belitsky

One thing I’ve learned from being a teacher is,
That adults don’t understand the pain of their kids.
They say, “Focus Mostly, on all of these things. You’ll understand if you just study.”
It’s paper and pencil always for me.
Never around the creativity,
I see from my burn out friends
I read from their drunken texts
I see from the eyes of dirt.
Gone forever,
Gone forever.

Everyone stood still,
Nobody noticed.
Slip through the cracks,
Like I couldnt focus.
Like everyone here,
Well come on.

But I will see myself out
Will see myself out
Will see myself out.

I will see myself out
Will see myself out
Will see myself out.

Where you wanna go?
Go on get the car.
I will fall for you
I will fall apart.

I will fall apart
I will fall apart

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