OFF! – Meet Your God


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Have you ever wanted to eat your own intestines? Or at least wanted to watch Jack Black eat his own intestines? Well, the video for OFF’s „Meet Your God“ is here and it’s everything you wanted and more. War. Punk. Blood.

Catch the first part of the video’s story in OFF!’s video for „Over Our Heads“ here:

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Directed by Jimmy Hayward


Jack Black as Gary Steele
OFF! – Keith Morris, Dimitri Coats & Steven McDonald

Production Company: The Uprising Creative

Executive Producers: Dimitri Coats, Jonathan Craven & David Dreyer
Producers: Nathan Scherrer, Lauren Ciell & Asheley Hu

Director of Photography: Sing Howe Yam
Editor: Pat Lascu
VFX: Jacob Mendel & Jesse Kirberger

Written by Jimmy Hayward
Based on a story by Dimitri Coats & David Dreyer

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