OFF! – Over Our Heads


Jack Black stars as a deranged skydiving coach who takes the guys on an excursion in honor of Keith Morris’s 59th birthday. The trip takes a horrifying, gory turn when the LSD kicks in.

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OFF! – „Hypnotized“ (OFFicial Video):
OFF! – „Void You Out“ (OFFicial Video):
OFF! – „Wiped Out“ (OFFicial Video):
OFF! – „Cracked“ (OFFicial Video):

Directed by Jimmy Hayward


Jack Black as Gary Steele
OFF! – Keith Morris, Dimitri Coats & Steven McDonald

Production Company: The Uprising Creative

Executive Producers: Dimitri Coats, Jonathan Craven & David Dreyer
Producers: Nathan Scherrer, Lauren Ciell & Asheley Hu

Director of Photography: Sing Howe Yam
Editor: Pat Lascu
VFX: Jacob Mendel & Jesse Kirberger

Written by Jimmy Hayward
Based on a story by Dimitri Coats & David Dreyer

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