Oi Polloi – Metal Detector


OI POLLOI – METAL DETECTOR (Official Music Video) Saorsa LP Ⓐ

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Researching the past with my metal detector
Fuck Prince Charles and his laws – I’m an objector
Our right to dig and detect – we gotta fight to keep it
Forget your history and you’re condemned to repeat it

Metal detector
Royalty objector

Parasitical royals – archaic institution
I think it’s fucking time for the guillotine solution
‘Cos I won’t bow and scrape before the ruling classes
Ram my metal detector right up their fuckin’ arses!

Metal detector
Royalty objector

Use my metal detector to play air guitar
We rock against royals near and far
Anti-royalist streetcrust – you should’ve known to expect it
Metal in our riffs – can you fuckin’ detect it?

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