Popes Of Chillitown – No Manners In Ireland


Taken from the new album ‘Work Hard, Play Hard, See You In The Graveyard’ – available everywhere now! https://popesofchillitown.bandcamp.com

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Video by Mark Richards


I’m afraid of spiders. I’m afraid of the dark. I’m afraid of Eisengaard and hybrid cars and biker bars. I’m a fly like Tarzan (Goldblum) and I made it to the moon. Now I’m afraid of coming back down but everyone knows it’s not the fall that kills you.

If fortune favours bravery then I guess I’m out of luck. All these years of living unsavoury, hell-bent on giving up. I’ve heard of rhyme and reason, cause and consequence; they’re just things that apply to other people. My Life is pure nonsense.

But I remember when love was enough
I remember love

If you’re scared of piranhas don’t go swimming in the sea. Stay indoors pyjama’d and bored all cosied up in front of the tv. Don’t talk to me about destiny, absorbing me into anonymity. (I’m sorry)
I remember love

Coulda shoulda woulda been a better man, more than I am but I’m stuck as I am.

They say no man is an island and worse things happen at sea. Turn your hand to cannibalism but a can of red bull will do just fine for me. Get me out of this prison. Woman set me free. I’m bored and I’ve given it my all and I want to go home now. There’s no manners in Ireland, so pog ma hon and go home! We’re all just ignorant immigrants claiming this land was ever our own.

It’ll all be fine just give it time. Coulda shoulda woulda been a better man, more than I am. I’m stuck as I am.

Rude girl tell me truth cos I’m far too long in the tooth I say for this shit, not again. I say we just forget it.

Now I’m not scared anymore:
I know I’m lying to myself.

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