Primetime Failure – Stuck In The 90s


PRIMETIME FAILURE „Stuck In The 90s“ (official music video). Taken from the EP „Home“, out now on Uncle M Music.

Thanks a ton to Florian Klauer (visit for more of his work!) for the gear, camera work and technical advice & Maike Mohr for convincing The Hoff to find out about his new favourite band! Check out to find out more about her work.


Recorded between october 2016 and january 2017 at Tiny Pond Studio Hannover
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Alex Sickel (with a little help from Till Westphal)

Everyone has a favorite band and Green Day may be god’s favorite band, but did you ever wonder who the Hoff’s favorite band might be?!

While we were looking for freedom during our baywatch we somehow stumbled upon the answer to this epic question and it took us straight back to the 90s!

Take a trip to the all inclusive 8-bit adventure world of melodic punkrock, skateboarding, videogames and carefree days with Primetime Failure.

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