Quasarborn – Stalemate With Suicide (Quarantined Live Session 2020)


The first song from our QUARANTINED LIVE SESSION 2020, recorded in Citadela Sound Production studio.

Camera by Jovana Uzelac & Mateja Dimitrijević
Editing by Luka Matković
Color correction & additional effects by Marko Danilović Tihi

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iTunes: https://music.apple.com/us/album/a-pill-hard-to-swallow/1479881031
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Deezer: https://www.deezer.com/us/album/110855282

Quasarborn is
Luka Matković – Vocals, guitars
Marko Danilović „Tihi“ – Drums
Miloš Tomasović – Bass
Dimitrije Čuturilo – Guitars

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BandCamp: https://quasarborn.bandcamp.com/album/a-pill-hard-to-swallow
Website: https://www.quasarborn.com
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/quasarborn/


I breathe in and give my best to bury all the pain
Time and time again, vain as it may be
A part of me, forever restless now claims victory
It destroys any hope of bliss
Time and time again

Won’t this fade away
I’d rather not stay
Drowning in dismay

All alone, surrounded by as many as can be
They do not see me and I can’t feel them there
Struggling, to each his own woe seems the most extreme
As rational as I can be I’m not spared of this belief

I take the stage and rearrange the planets given to me by the gods
Tables turn, I’m the one in charge, for now…
This poise, so fake, will disappear, gone with your next selfish move
Back to the abyss myself to prove to you

I gave up so much to have you here
You better be
Sick of waiting for tomorrow
Is it that weird?
I’m not insane!
You, unable to value all that I’ve done
I curse the Sun
Why can’t you see?

Humans make mistakes
I’m not a demon

I explode in screams with tearful eyes
How can you hold all this in?
Appalled by emptiness that you display
After all the love I gave

Grip, undefined
Clench, freedom swept away
We both drown
This is not a war we’re waging
Words unrefined
Kill what little we had
Mutually drained
No, there’s no going back

This time ’round
The sadness borders hatred, consuming
I try to be, aw hell, there’s no myself to be
Boiling point
Confusion eats me, erase or forgive
Life has a laugh, and stalemates with suicide
Time and time again
Until I stride into demise

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