Reckoning – Soul Cadence


Reckoning – hardcore band from Belgrade, Serbia.

Guitars – Radomir Janković
Drums – Danilo Zečević
Bass – Vojin Kličković
Vocals – Miloš Ćurčija

Video by Davorin Jovanović – DaliLoveart FB – daliloveartphotography
IG – daliloveart

Music & Lyrics – Reckoning 2022
FB – reckoningcvlt
IG – reckoningcvlt
BC – reckoningcvlt

Recorded at Citadela Sound Production
By Luka Matković

„Soul Cadence“

I’m questioning my every step
Every move that I have made
Long years have passed
And I still don’t have the answer
Whom have I failed?
Whom have I betrayed?

And I was thinking
Thinking of a master plan
Cause this hell has got to end

Time is all that I have
To dig through pain and regret
Six feet deep, deep for forgiveness

Why do I feel this burden?!

*from MMXXII Demo

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