S.O.T.I.L. – Slave of God


First DIY video from metal, crust punk, grind, mix shit project S.O.T.I.L.
Song from first full length album “The Path Of Masked Truth” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QceHfy6LmDw&t=72s

I am the one whose name is not said
I am what you dream at night
The angel of death my second name is
Join me
Hear my call
My call

I rise from the ashes as the invincible death
Pain I will give you, I’ll suck your soul
For all the ages of time I watched the human race
Seen my share of evil that I only know

Havoc they left behind
They left behind

Black days are hovering over your sky
Darkness will swallow you
You’ll dive your heads in ingle of fire
Pure evil will eat your guts
And while you flee from your death
I Will spread black wings of mine
I’ll let the pestilence and war
To wipe out your poisoned souls

And take your lives,
Your lives

Horrible screams, screams of your suffering will bleed your ears
And the stench of intestines and bowel will rip your sense of smell

You can seek or cry for help
But nobody will hear you
I will be your lips and voice
I’ll be in command of your soul
Chains with thorns will choke you more and more
Blood from your neck will poor down to dusty ground

With naked feet you will walk
Through the valley full with nails
The blood track you will left behind
Will be path for your inheritors as well
So now its up to you
Will you wake up and forget all this
Or you will dream more
And realize soon that you’re a slave

And I am
The God that you know

Band page: https://www.facebook.com/Sotilmjetal/
Bandcamp: https://sotilmjetal.bandcamp.com/releases

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