SIKK – Raid And Conquer


Rockin’ Rollin’ Bovver Riot!
Recorded, mixed & mastered at studio Mašina 23 By Saša Otašević & Sikk, December 2022.

Muzički studio
Video by Cesarec Marko Cessa (Streetriffs Production).

Filmed at studio Mašina 23 Belgrade,
Johnny’s Barbershop Zemun (
and various flats and mancaves around the city and features the rogues’ gallery of Serbian punkrock, Oi! and rock’n’roll. And the members of the bands such as Antifrizz, PogonBGD, Sara Džesika Panker, Jorgovani, Kamene Kare and Gavrilo Princip.


Another drunken night,
another wasted day,
another godforsaken place
that we came to play.

Another rowdy night,
another groundhog day.
Another morning after
there’ll be hell to pay.

We’ll be travelin’ light,
in quest for the fight,
when you hear our chant
you better flight!

We came here to rock,
we came here to roll,
we came here to fuck shit up
and spill guts on the floor!

Boogie piano : SaleBGD
Sikk are:

Cobe – lead vocals
Darko – guitars / back vocals
Dane – bass / back vocals
Terza – drums / back vocals

#sikk #punkrock #rocknroll #oi #bovverrock

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