The Bite – Change


THE BITE – Change
Album – CHAINS (2019)
Gostujući vokal / Guest vocal: Boško Fogl ( LIPOV LOUD)

Recorded in /Snimano u KING OLIVER STUDIO – Beograd
Recorded by / Snimatelj – Miloš Đurić, Ivan Srdanović
Produced by / Producenti – Ivan Srdanović, Miloš Đurić, Bojan Savić
Video recorded and produced by/ Video produkcija – KAN I LINGUS studio, Bojan Stevanović

Ljiljana Zdravković – Vocals / Vokali
Bojan Stevanović – Drums / Bubnjevi
Igor Ilić – Bass / bas
Ivan Srdanović – Rhytm guitar / Ritam gitara
Bojan Savić – Lead guitar / Solo gitara

Muzika i tekst / Music and Lyrics: THE BITE


Got nothing to do,
Got nowhere to go,
This boredom will slowly get us all
With a stick in our hand,
With tweets we make a stand
It will be the witness of our fall


You know we just got to
You know we just have to
You know that we need a change

Look now where you stand
The change is in your hands

Are you jaded, are you free
Can you climb that big old tree
From your little pinked prison cell

And honey there’s a difference
Between men and the minions
Hey, but who am I to tell

#thebite #chains #changeisinyourhand

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