The Deadnotes – Ghost on the Ceiling


NEW ALBUM „Courage“ out now on 22Lives Records!
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„Courage“ Tour 2020:

22.05. Fürth (DE), Open-Air am Lindenhain
23.05. Braunschweig (DE), B58 Fest
11.06. Lörrach (DE), Wasserwerk Open-Air
24.07. Bad Wörishofen (DE), Soundfeld Festival
25.07. Schrobenhausen (DE), Noisehausen Festival
05.09. Paris (FR), Le Gambetta Club (new date!)
08.09. Leeds (UK), LS6 Café (new date!)
27.11. Freiburg (DE), Waldsee (new date!)

Recorded in April 2019 at Crooked Rain Studios, Leeds, UK
Produced by Bob Cooper, mixed by Beau Burchell, mastered by Mike Kalajian

Video: Paul Ambrusch // @xfinalchapterx


face it, I am leaving
as if I‘ve done this all before
I was hiding from the truth for too long
silently seeking pity
I leave it up to you
caught up in my problems left you for good

and I‘m so sorry
that I stopped breathing
I couldn‘t be strong

I was so overwhelmed
by all the weight of your dreams
buried by complications

your begging was in vain
It’s carved into my brain
I can hardly concentrate
I don’t know what to say
Please show me how to stay
I‘m drifting through my selfish ways

couldn‘t cope
with the way you lie motionless in the corner of your room
I felt wrong and uneasy
I just couldn‘t draw through
I really couldn‘t get to you

I‘m so sorry
that I stopped breathing
I couldn‘t be strong….
a feverous heat grows and I see ghosts on the ceiling

and I‘m so sorry
couldn‘t stop the bleeding
I don‘t have the guts to let it grow

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