The Living End – Not Like The Other Boys


‘Not Like The Other Boys’ is taken from The Living End’s recent album ‘Wunderbar’. Grab it now:

‘Not Like The Other Boys’ music video was created by students from the University of Newcastle’s School of Creative Industries.

Using the technique ‘rotoscoping’, whereby live-action footage is traced and animated effects applied to the image, the final video is a mash up of bold lines, colour and extraordinary forms to tell the story. The project was conceptualised, shot, animated and edited in the University’s world-class production studios. More info:

Daniel Cooper –
Reid McManus –

Sean Fitzpatrick –
James Stuckey –
Jana Kruger
Craig Munzenberger –
Sharon Salmi –
Kasi Riley
Hannah Inwood –
Katie MacLean –
Natalie Webster
Jack Calvert
Nicole Lekach –
Victoria Dixon
Renee McIntosh –
Tegan Riley
Michelle Farran –
Emily Smit –
Raven Law –
Daniel Cooper –
Reid McManus –

Camera/Studio crew
Reid McManus
Nicholas Taylor
Elizabeth Wylie
Dominic Fitzgerald
Amy King
Sarah Parker
Tess Barnes
Bradley Cook
Shelby Heath
Jye Currie
Thomas Peisley

Academic Advisors
Jane Shadbolt
Susan Kerrigan
Kristie Street

Studio Staff
Danielo Pati
George Hyde

Creative Producer
Jane Shadbolt

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