The Maple State – Winner


The third single from The Maple State’s new album „The Things I Heard At The Party“ released March 23rd 2018 on Far Out Records.

Available now:


Video by Ben Thornley (

Produced by Andrew Farrer & The Maple State

Music and lyrics by The Maple State.

You said you want it and you need it now
And there’s going to be a winner
I was walking through the city with your hand in my hand
Thinking life ain’t really so bad
But through the coke and wine and the ignorant bliss
Were the signs that I chose to miss
Now I’m sitting in the bar having drinks with my friends
The cycle starting over again
And now I smashed all the glass and took a bruise to the eye
Drink until I’m barely alive
And now they say she’s a fool and you’re better than this
Yeah, but she’s a fool that I’ll miss

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