The Wonder Years – Dismantling Summer


Official music video for The Wonder Years song „Dismantling Summer“ off ‘The Greatest Generation’ – out now on Hopeless Records!

Directed by Drew Russ
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I’m pulling wings off insects. I’m peeling back my sunburnt skin. I’ll wait outside your
bedroom; I hope they let me in. Filling your prescriptions, the orange bottles stare me
down. They’re standing at attention—an army on your windowsill. We’re all waiting for
good news; hoping you can come home soon. We’re all waiting for good news. I’ve been
acting like I’m strong, but the truth is, I’ve been losing ground to a hospital too crowded
and a summer winding down. I hadn’t seen a heart break until now. I hadn’t felt a heartbreak
until now. I grew up on your back porch. I watched the storms light up the clouds.
They hung like paper lanterns to guide the way back towards your house. I’ve been
putting off long flights hoping that you’ll be alright. I’ll be there in the meantime. If I’m
in an airport and you’re in a hospital bed, what kind of man does that make me?
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