The Wonder Years – Came Out Swinging


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Co-directed by: Mitchell Wojcik & Larry Ripari

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Moved all my shit into my parent’s basement and out of our old apartment. I know things changed but I’m not sure when. I guess you’d call this regression. I left a „real“ job and a girlfriend. I convinced myself that I’m brave enough for all of this. I spent this whole year in airports and the floor feels like home. Oh, at least we’re never alone. I lost track of the time zones and I’d call but you know… I’m running on empty. The late nights and the long drives start to get to me. I’m just so tired. I spent this year as a ghost and I’m not sure what I’m looking for. I’m a voice on a phone that you rarely answer anymore. I came in here alone but that doesn’t scare me like it did seven months ago. I spent this year as a ghost and I’m not sure where home is anymore. Been on a steady fast food diet like we’re this generation’s Morgan Spurlock, but we don’t admit defeat. My body feels rejected and I can’t say that I blame it. My heart keeps saying stay young. My lower back seems to disagree. I unrolled a cheap cotton blanket on an old dirty couch. I felt the year start to wind down. I can’t stand any dead space. Empty beds bum me out. I came out swinging from a South Philly basement caked in stale beer and sweat under half-lit fluorescents. I spent the winter writing songs about getting better and if I’m being honest, I’m getting there.

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