Tiny Moving Parts – Caution


New Tiny Moving Parts song „Caution“ from the album Swell out 1/26/18

Pre-order Swell now http://smarturl.it/TinyMovingParts

Directed by John Komar
Producers – Ian W. Ross & John Komar
Director of Photography – Eric Teti
Assistant Camera – Tyler Pakstis
Steidcam – Tanner Carlson
Gaffer – Tom Jezik
Production Assistant – James Benedetto

Dave Lach – Dylan
Drew Nardone – Matt
Billy Weeds – Bill
Eric Cadalzo – High School Kid

Special Thanks to Lisa Garelick & Fred Feldman

The caution tape that you’ve wrapped around my brain
has continued to stay as I’m waiting for a break.
Constantly connecting dots.
Trying my best, consuming facts.
All I’ve learned is what’s done is done,
and you can not change the past.
Helping or hurting? I am numb.
I haven’t felt anything in days.
Confusion is key as I am locked inside,
or am I just really gone?

A constant strain right behind my face.
I’m still waiting for a slight break.

I know we’re just different.
Keep drinking from the same cup,
it’ll fill you up.
It’ll keep you numb.

Simplify the motions.
Counteract the movements.
Don’t think twice because this is love.

You are caffeine in my bloodstream.
You are the energy hidden in between two muscles sleeping.
Please don’t wake me up.
I miss myself too much.

All I have is patience.
We all lose strength someday.
I’ve been waiting for a slight break.

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