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Welcome Tiny Moving Parts to the Hopeless Family! 💛

The official music video for Tiny Moving Parts’ new single „Medicine,“ off their new album ‘breathe,’ available September 13th on Hopeless Records!

Directed by Lewis Cater


I’m bathing in exhaustion.
A never ending train wreck.
I swear my legs, they function,
But I’m assembled to crawl.

I’m heading east of Benson to glorify a casket.
Whether it’s Swift Falls or St. Paul.
I can’t spend another weekend at a funeral. 

I will try again.
I need psychologic paralyzing medicine
To forget who I am.
Forever freeze in silence.
I need to forget who I am.

I need something symbolic to rupture.
I want to seek some unforeseen color.
Please get me outside with sunlight
Reflecting off a waterfall.
I can’t spend another weekend at a funeral.

Will you twist my vision into a perfect blur?
Will you pull me underwater?
Drag me down headfirst?

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