Trash Boat – Controlled Burn


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The official music video for Trash Boat’s new single „Controlled Burn,“ off their new album ‘Crown Shyness’ out now on Hopeless Records.

Directed by Adam Webb


Truth will be concealed. I refuse to feel. To suffer is human. I’m using excuses. Anticipate the war. Control the burn before it gets to you. Before dependencies weigh down one me.
Life is so unfair. There’s always something I can blame. Now ask yourself; how did you hide today? I control my own fear and my shame. Naked in a world that doesn’t owe me anything.
Give all you’ve got, get nothing back. Footprints will leave no impression without a weight that I will have to choose to bear. I succumb to short term benefits, left with long term deficit. The choices I made are not made to help. A bottomless pit always has further down. Save me from myself.
Groan, like my foundation stone. Groan, like my foundation stone getting crushed.


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