World War IX – „Bath Salt Zombies“ (Theme from „Bath Salt Zombies“) Megaplatinum A BlankTV Feature!

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World War IX – „Bath Salt Zombies (Theme From Bath Salt Zombies)“ Megaplatinum A BlankTV Feature!

Artist city, country: New York City, United States
Genre: BlankTV

Artist Biography: Trash Punk. Get Drunk. Do you suffer from TMF, Too Much Fun? Rest assured Brooklyn’s World War IX understands your plight, and feels your pain! Their songs are hook riddled cautionary tales that get your fists pounding and your heart pumping. „Why did I drink so many beers?“ „What possessed me to pop that pill?“ Quality questions for sure, but really the only thing you’re going to want to know is what’s their next tune going to be, and when are they going on?! !

„The best trashy punk band in NYC“ – Chuck Foster, The Big Takeover Magazine

„How do you feel about vintage American punk? I’m talking about the stuff that is angry and fun at the same time. I’m talking about early Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Adrenaline O.D., Rich Kids On LSD (RKL), Flag Of Democracy (FOD), Mucky Pup, Spermbirds, Murphy’s Law, et al. I’m talking about guitars plugged straight into amps with no effects, lots of gang vocals, groove for days, beats that just keep on beating. Yeah, me too. Rejoice! World War IX is here for you. For me. For us. For punk“ – The Impaler Speaks

„World War IX seem to be on a whole other mission to irritate some people, satisfy the old schoolers looking for something true to the core, and most of all, do it in such a quick period of time that if you love them you want more and if you hate them, they are happy they made you hate them in less than 10 minutes.“ – Jeffrey Kurtis, In Crowd Zine

„Fill(s) the needed gap for nasty, sloppy, reckless abandonment that seems to have declined with the rise of the Internet. Perhaps what is most interesting is that for all the finger pointing the band does, they don’t come across as holier-than-thou, if only, because they paint themselves as a bunch of wasted jerks with a sense of humor.“ – John Gentile,

„WWIX was the soundtrack to my NYC breakdown“ – Michael Del Re’

Director Name: Dustin Wayde Mills
Producer Name: Justin Melkmann

About The Video: Hold onto your brains, it’s the second single from NYC trash punks World War IX’s newest EP Off The Wagon! Yep, Bath Salt Zombies (Theme From Bath Salt Zombies) is the title track to MVD’s first original horror flick Bath Salt Zombies! It’s a sound track bursting with such punk rock monsters as The Dwarves, The Meatmen, Antiseen, and Murder Junkies!

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Label Name: Megaplatinum
Label Website:

Song Lyrics: Beer!
Already drank them.
Already smoked it.
Already popped them.
We fucking love them.

We’re all out, so now we need a brand new way to fucking party.

A brand new way to get our fix.
With bath salts, we get our kicks.

Let’s all party like a bath salt zombie tonight. X3

You had better get down, when the bath salt zombies come to your town.

We’re as serious as it gets.

We’re the bath salt zombies.

Eat your neighbors, friends, pets, and kids.


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