Authority Zero – Lift One Up


Filmed and Directed by Chip McCormick and Benjy Wang and Randall Record
Edited by Jason Passaro

It’s finally here! Back in early 2014 we put out the concept of doing a „Shakeface“ video for our latest single Lift One Up off The Tipping Point. The song embraces the concert of celebration of life, friendships, and the music that brings us all together in celebration of just that. The concept was meant to involve people from all around the world and so we asked everyone to send us in their „Shakeface“ videos. The driving force behind it was to make our fans and friends the biggest part of the video and what it represented. Good times, good friends, and letting loose. Unfortunately many of the videos we received we unusable due to quality or misunderstanding, so rather than exclude anyone for that purpose, we’ve chosen to do two versions of the video. Here is the video we shot on location in Tempe, Arizona with the full on show combined with all our local friends and family doing the „Shakeface“ and getting rad at the show that day. Jason broke a rib that day during performance (which we decided to leave in for fun), people were damn near passing out, and everyone had a killer time. A huge thank you from all of us to you for attending and making it possible! Shortly after the release of this video we will be also releasing a full on „Shakeface“ video with every single video (regardless of quality or filming) in it! So here it is! After months of editing, re-editing, and conceptual changes, we present you with our Official Lift One Up video premier! Enjoy

-Authority Zero

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