Teenage Bottlerocket – Haunted House


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Almost twenty years ago went someplace you shouldn’t go
In a house up on a hill on a dare and for a thrill
Basically it’s suicide once you step one foot inside
This house where lots of people died and currently reside
Things start floating round the room. This ain’t no house, more like a tomb
Being here ain’t very nice, keep thinking we’ll see Vincent Price
Hidden rooms and creepy halls, blood starts dripping down the walls
Portraits hung with moving eyes and what’s with all these fucking flies
I hear the werewolf bark, eyes start glowing in the dark
I got to get out of this haunted house haunted house
The lights go out then come back on, another guest is gone, this
Haunted house haunted house
Venkman won’t be catching shit, he’s scared out of his tit in this
Haunted house

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