Antillectual – Follow That Bike!


DIY production, shot at De Onderbroek rehearsal space.

From the album „ENGAGE!“ (2016)
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Nationalism, its roots and its manifestations seldomly contribute to a better world. Even though it might help a limited group of people in need, it excludes others that might be in the same need but simply don’t belong to the right nation.
Therefore I detest nationalism.
Nevertheless: it sucks when the country you live in lets its good reputation go to waste. The Netherlands used to be known for its tolerance, liberal attitude and progressive policies. But not anymore. The Netherlands are being passed by – left and right, but especially left – when it comes to gay positive legislation, the legalization of (soft) drugs, abortion and euthanasia policies, regulation of prostitution and other notorious issues it used to be guiding in.
We changed from being that cool big sister you looked up to, to an idiot sibling you’re embarrassed by. Thank god we still rule the EDM scene …


Follow that bike, it’s on the run
Its speed enhanced by XTC
With a girlfriend on the back, she rides the dike
Resolutely following her course

As the police chase for the avant garde continues
The world awaits while she is taking off, off to never-neverland

Follow that bike, heading for a world as yet unseen
Follow that bike, maybe I’m just homesick for a place I’ve never been

By default against the stream
Fighting windmills on her wooden shoes
Ignoring all red signs and smoking pot
Civil disobedience is alive

Follow that bike, it’s on the run
Follow that bike, it’s having too much fun

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