Antillectual – One Size Fits All (Latin American tour video)


One Size Fits All is the fourth single from Antillectual’s new album “ENGAGE!”. The video was shot at a Latin American tour with Satanic Surfers in February 2017.

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“Life is what you make of it
While you’re busy making other plans”
A vague phrase offers some relief
As his future slips out of his hands

Life is what you make of shit
Mostly doing things that others planned
All expectations he should meet
Refused, he takes a stand

One size fits all, live life like you mean it
One size fits all, but we deserve more

All his friends are dad or mom
Putting the “dull” back in adulthood
All their dreams are dead and gone
No sir, the promised land doesn’t look that good

If they’re not gonna live the life we dreamt of long ago, we will
If they forget to cherish phases we would not outgrow, we will

One life fits all, live your life like you mean it
We deserve more than what we settled for

Just like “I Wrote This Song” this seems a very personal song. And just like “The Dog Ate It!” (on Testimony, 2008) this might seem directed at one or more particular individuals. But it’s neither, there’s a broader context.
Springing from a general tendency that everyone’s life goes through the mincer as they pass the funnel called society, a lot of people’s lives become more one-dimensional and start to look alike more and more when they get older, eventually ending up in an elderly home that suits everybody.
This song is an ode to stepping off the beaten path; to developing yourself in your own chosen direction even though your job, family or society’s expectations try to pull you back on track. This means holding on to your childhood dreams, believing in your ideals or simply continuing to listen to and play the music you grew up on.
When ordinary life knocks on your door it’s up to you to decide: were those dreams, ideals and preferences just a phase or are they part of you and your lifestyle? Become the role-model you might not have had.

“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans” Allen Saunders (writer), John Lennon, Acda en de Munnik

“Thou shalt not commit adulthood“ Milo Descendents


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